My Story

Shannon Melius – Owner and Designer

Second Act Quilting Journey

Like my first career, my quilting business is a journey and it will take me places I never imagined. Come along with me!

I am an experienced quilter of over 30 years. I started making quilts for family, friends and co-workers in the early 1990s. Along my journey, I started designing quilts of varying complexity. And I collected a lifetime of fabric. Like many quilters who started quilting in the ’90s, traditional patterns were the norm. Rotary cutting tools were still pretty new and there was not yet a “modern quilt” movement. I took as many classes at the local quilt shops as I could, bought all the tools and fabric, and joined a quilt guild in a neighboring community. Lasting friendships with so many quilters have been built and I feel very blessed. My family and friends have been grateful recipients of many quilts and my home is bursting with quilts on beds, walls, tables, quilt racks and even stashed in closets, drawers, and under beds.

With my first act career winding down, I knew I wanted to share my love of quilting with more people. As a test drive into publishing, I copy edited my husband’s self published fishing book. From there, I started designing quilt patterns. My science and math background provided skills of being able to make complex concepts easy to understand. Starting with easy and beginner quilt patterns to perfect my writing style and get more experience as a published designer, the journey continues.

I use Electric Quilt (EQ) exclusively to design my quilt patterns and have taken many classes at Electric Quilt Academy, a premiere event for EQ pattern designers.

I am a member of the following organizations and groups:

What do I do besides quilting?

I enjoy spending time with family, especially enjoy watching my grand-kids grow, traveling, fishing, reading, and finding and drinking fine wines with family and friends. I live in Northeast Wisconsin with my husband, an avid fisherman, hunter, and bread baker. The wines pair well with fish, venison, pheasant and other delectables.

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